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Two Tales

I drive a stock 1994 Miata. I'm not planning on leaving her stock, but the parts I want are rather costly, and I'm paying back college loans, so... Oh well. I still drive her hard, and I love finding others who drive their cars hard as well.

My first tale concerns a blue Viper with white racing stripes. It's been suggested to me that this might have been a GTS, but even a standard Viper should kill a stock Miata so... I was driving up 183 (a three lane/direction restricted access freeway in the area), when I saw a pack of cars a bit ahead of me, with a Viper trailing a bit behind. He was in the middle lane, as was I. I suspect he saw me coming up quickly (at least 15mph over traffic speed), because he changed lanes, as if to let me buy. I was thinking "Observant driver, high powered car. I wonder if he'll chase me." As I was approaching him and the pack, I look over the cars carefully. I'm trying to identify holes in traffic and which drivers are likely to change from their current course of action. I come by the Viper, slowing a little for my planned maneuvers. He comes in behind me and starts to follow. We take different paths through the pack. Because of the combination of size and maneuverability of the Miata, and plain good luck, I make it out of the pack first and I floor it. The Viper barely manages to catch me as I exit. I call that the time I beat a Viper. Some say I exaggerate.

Another time, I was about to take an entrance ramp onto this same road when I see a jet black BMW and a Nissan (I think a 300ZX) flying down the ramp. The Nissan takes a different twist from the Bimmer, and exits the freeway. The Bimmer slows, giving me a chance to catch him, and given his previous behavior, I was quite sure he'd come after me. So I chase him down and fly by (hey, with my low powered engine vs. his ///M3, I'll take every advantage I can get). He comes after me and catches me with ease. He follows me to my exit, and I realize I recognize him! He's a police detective I know! That was somewhere between incredibly fun and scary. We later talk of the incident, and though he said he couldn't see me clearly at first, there was never any doubt in his mind that that Miata had me behind the wheel. Should I be proud, or ashamed?

Other times, I've had my butt handed to me by a number of vehicles, from BMW 540s to... well, I don't remember the rest. I maintain that the Miata is a cornering vehicle, and isn't intended for raw power in a strait line. ;)
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